Scott Able Fire
Day 1 – May 11, 2000

May 11, 2000 — Cloudcroft.Com Special Report

6:30 pm MDT — Fire reported between Weed and Cloudcroft. Forest service describes it as “a serious start up.” Last word is the fire is moving away from Cloudcroft. We will keep you posted on Cloudcroft.Com.

8:20 pm MDT — Fire has burned 2,500 acres. Chippaway and Weed communities have been evacuated.

9:00 pm MDT — The forest service is evacuating Perk Canyon. The danger to Cloudcroft is still minimal at this time.

9:20 pm MDT — Fire moving East, away from Cloudcroft. 4,000 acres consumed so far. No structural damage. No injuries.

9:45 pm MDT — Evacuees from Weed area are being housed at Cloudcroft Middle School. Fire direction NE. No injuries. No structural damage reported. Number of fire fighters involved unknown at this time. Forest Service advises civilian help should stand by, but no help is needed at this time. Heavy equipment owners should stand by. Stay away from fire zone unless otherwise advised.

10:20 pm MDT — No changes in direction of the fire. No reports of injuries or structural damage. Winds in Cloudcroft area are subsiding. Fire still out of control.

11:12 pm MDT — Evacuation has been completed to Cloudcroft High School of areas affected by a fire that began near Weed NM this afternoon. The Salvation Army and Red Cross are in charge of the evacuation center at Cloudcroft High School. The fire is out of control, moving 5 and 1/2 miles in 6 hours and consuming 6,000 acres at this time. Forest Service officials say the fire is still moving NE (away from the populated Cloudcroft area). The origin of the fire is still unknown. Fire fighters are moving into the area to reinforce those already fighting the blaze. Civilians are advised to stay out of the area unless otherwise informed. Cloudcroft.Com will provide continuous updates as they become available.

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